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Determine Your Eco Number

None of us want to be labeled as wasteful or as doing harm to our environment. We all want to take care of our world and pass it on in better shape than which it was received.

But what impact are we having? Have you ever wondered how large is your ecological footprint? What affect are you having on mother earth? How can you reduce your ecological impact?

Ever Green Ecological Solutions has the answer! After our friendly professional staff performs an ecological evaluation of your home, they will tabulate your score and give you your own Eco Number. Then you too will know!

Ever Green Ecological Solutions will evaluate your own personal habits related to energy consumption, waste management, recycling efforts, pest prevention, and water use. Our professionals will also evaluate the materials used in your home construction, your landscaping and your homes appliances and furnishings in order to give you and your home its own Eco Number.

Why is your home's Eco Number so important? It lets you know the impact you are having on our environment and which areas need improvement. It can be a valuable tool to promote your home's efficiency when selling your home as buyers are becoming more and more ecologically minded.