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Albuquerque Spider Control Services

Spider infestations may be the most dreaded and fear-inducing infestations that exists. Most spiders are harmless; they rarely transmit diseases due to their usual stationary behavior and usually only become aggressive when they feel threatened.

However, the presence of spiders in your home or business is not fun for anyone—especially if the spiders in your home are venomous. Venomous spiders found in New Mexico include:

The most common residential spider infestation in Albuquerque involves the Western Black Widow. These spiders usually hide under furniture; only the females are harmful and they rarely bite unless provoked. Their bites are not usually fatal, but can cause nausea, fever and flu like symptoms.

Regardless of hazardous potential, spiders are usually unwanted creatures when they enter a home or business. If you live in Albuquerque and need quality, experienced spider control services, contact Ever Green Ecological Solutions today.

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