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Green Services for a Green Environment!

At Ever Green Ecological Solutions, we not only offer environmentally sensitive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), but full-service ecological solutions for your home or business. We are committed to helping families and businesses save money, live healthier and have less of an impact on our fragile environment by teaching them more about organic pest control in Albuquerque and other ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Below are a list of services we provide:

Eco-Number Analysis
Your Eco-Number tells you how much of an impact you are having on the environment. By determining your Eco-Number, our experts can help you find ways to lower your number for more efficient living. Find out how much of an impact you are having on the environment...and how you can start saving money today!

Ever Guard Protection
Prevent pest infestations from becoming serious problems with our proprietary Ever Guard program! With over 35 years experience keeping homes and businesses pest free, we know what it takes to keep pests out in the first place. Protect your home and business with Ever Guard!

Green Pest Management
Our experts will provide a thorough evaluation of your home to determine the root cause of your pest problems. By dealing with environmental factors that are enabling pests to get into your home, our green pest management system can successfully rid your home of pests without using harmful chemicals.

Pool Proof
Pool Proof is a new product that enables you to safely and efficiently manage the clarity and pH of your pool or hot tub. This revolutionary product saves you time, money and is environmentally friendly. Contact us today to learn more about Pool Proof!

Other Green Solutions and Information:

Ecological Footprint
Learn what impact you are having on the environment and what you can do to decrease the mark you leave on the planet.

Pests and Employee Saftely
Manage or prevent pest problems at your business with Ever Green Ecological Solutions.

Pest Management in the Medical Community
The experts at Ever Green Ecological Solutions have the knowledge and experience to keep your facility pest free while meeting or exceeding New Mexico’s state regulatory requirements.

Safety of Pesticides
At Ever Green Ecological Solutions, we do our best to provide pest control solutions that utilize non-chemical methods before we ever consider applying chemicals to your home or business.

Pests and Social Image
Take proactive measures to keep your business free from the bad press of bug or rodent infestations.

Advanced Pest Solutions for New Mexico Homes
Keep your home free of pests with Ever Green Ecological Solutions’environmentally sensitive approach to pest control.

Advanced Pest Solutions for New Mexico Businesses
Ever Green Ecological Solutions provides superior pest control for businesses and organizations of all scopes and sizes.

Health Issues Related to Pests
Learn about the health risks associated with insect and rodent infestations.

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None of us want to be labeled as wasteful or as doing harm to our environment. We all want to take care of our world and pass it on in better shape than which it was received.
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Ever Guard

Ever Guard is Ever Green Ecological Solutions own program created to prevent pest infestations from ever occurring by studying the interaction of relationships and their environments with each other.
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Green Pest

Our ecological evaluation will give us the insight to prevent a pest infestation before it ever starts and pest prevention is the key to quality, green pest management.
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Pool Proof

Let Ever Green Ecological Solutions harmonize your pool, hot tub, or spa while you save money by adding a new and amazing product called Pool Proof. This new product will make your pool maintenance easier, faster and save you money on your energy bills. Read More...