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Ecological Friendly Pool Products

Let Ever Green Ecological Solutions help you save money by harmonizing your pool, hot tub, or spa with a new and amazing product called Pool Proof. This new product makes your pool maintenance easier, faster and saves you money on your energy bills.

Balancing the pH of your Albuquerque swimming pool or hot tub has always been a never ending task. Natural factors such as water temperature, air temperature, and hours of sunlight and physical factors such as the size of your pool, number of swimmers can all affect the pH of your water. In addition, you the homeowner must worry about other chemical additives that must be added to your water to control algae, water clarity and hardness.

By adding Pool Proof to your pool or hot tub once with an annual checkup thereafter is all that is required to reduce chemicals and pump use to create an ecologically-friendly pool that is in harmony with the environment.

Pool Proof is an amazing product made from a liquid borate that readily dissolves with the water in your pool or hot tub. It is immediately safe for swimmers and it provides clarity and sparkle to your pool by changing the refractive index of the water. Pool Proof acts as a buffer solution that brings the pH of your pool or hot tub in balance by reducing the hydrogen and hydroxide ions that are introduced into your water and cause the pH to change. This then reduces eye irritation, lime scale and corrosion.

Pool Proof also extends the life of other pool chemicals like algaecides and sanitizers that typically flash off when exposed to sunlight. The addition of Pool Proof will allow you to reduce the amount of time necessary for your pool pump to run because there is less of a need for filtering. Therefore increasing pump life and reducing energy dependency.

Finally, adding Pool Proof to Albuquerque swimming pools or hot tubs makes your skin feel smooth and silky because the borate rejuvenates the layers of dry skin on your body and improves your water quality.

Pool Proof will save an average of $573.00 per year while making your pool easier to manage and more environmentally friendly.