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Advanced Pest Solutions in New Mexico
Every Home, Every Pest, Every Season

Tired of dealing with pests?

Looking for peace-of-mind about the way your home is protected from infestations?

With Ever Green Ecological Solutions, you can enjoy pest-free living with our effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Albuquerque. IPM is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest control. We strive to keep homes and businesses safe by exhausting non-chemical methods of controlling pest infestations before the use of chemicals is ever considered. When chemicals are necessary, we do our best to choose chemicals for pest control in Albuquerque that are organic and naturally based before using more aggressive products.

Our proprietary program, Ever Guard, is an all-inclusive program that enables us to monitor your home for all kinds of pests (i.e., termites, roaches, spiders, rodents, etc.) and take care of infestations before they become major problems. By studying the interaction of relationships and their environments with each other, we can provide practical solutions to keep your home free from the bugs, pests and rodents that are common in New Mexico.

This is the essence of ecology. Ever Guard makes use of the principles of ecology and is an effective approach to protecting your home and environment. Our on-going program monitors your home’s infestations so that only necessary applications of pesticides are ever made.

The Ever Guard system begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your home and its environments. Our experts will monitor, inspect and evaluate your home and its environments so that we can make recommendations for adjustments, alterations and/or repairs to keep all types of pests out of your home. By making your home an unappealing environment for pests, you can often effectively protect your home from unwelcome guests.

Instead of calling an Albuquerque exterminator, call Ever Green Ecological Solutions when you want to manage and prevent pest problems in your home. Our experienced professionals will come to your home and discuss with you the advantages of Ever Guard and help you understand the essence organic pest control in Albuquerque.